A word from Sonja for Earth- Day

Growing up in Switzerland in a middle-class family, we didn’t have a lot of money. So, my father would buy a pig to share with another family, and then they would kill and butcher it in our backyard. Everything the pig had was used: lard, blood, liver, tail and of course all the meat from the muscles. We would also eat cow intestines, blood and liver wurst (sausages) and tongue. When I was a bit older, I raised a sweet bunny. One Easter morning my sweet bunny was not in its cage anymore, but on our Easter table, and I was presented with his fur. (I still have it to this day, a sad memory.)


I did not like anything served from these animals. I felt disgusted and had an extremely hard time eating. Everyday there was a fight at the family table because I felt forced to eat an animal, and I gagged with every bite that I put in my mouth. Needless to say, I became very skinny! I ate my last bite of meat after I left my parents’ house when I was 18.


Early in my life I also became more aware of the health of our planet when Switzerland proposed “car-free Sundays.” In 1973 Switzerland had its first driving ban to save gas during a supply crisis. This idea has been in use at various times in many areas of Europe, to save energy and fight pollution. Soon I became concerned about the health of the whole planet as well as its living inhabitants. When there was an opportunity to get a smaller car who uses less gas, I chose to get a Smart Car.


My love for all animals and our planet led me to be a vegetarian, now for over 48 years. Being compassionate and learning about the suffering within the food industry, which too many animals must endure, I became a vegan 10 years ago. I try to minimize my carbon footprint now in many more ways, reducing my plastic waste by using glass jars and cotton bags instead of plastic containers and plastic bags.  By using bar soaps instead of the liquid facewashes and shampoos that come in their own plastic containers and are also full of many synthetic ingredients. By composting food scraps to reduce landfill waste and methane production.


All of this and so much more, I share with students in my educational Detox class, so that we may live healthier lives for our one planet and for all living beings. Please join us to learn how choosing a healthier life for yourself can have a bigger impact.




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