“Each one of us is born with the seeds of Divine light, love, wisdom and peace no matter what our life experience.” Sai Maa

Diksha cleanses the fear-based patterns that keep us from revealing and experiencing our Light thus enabling us to live as our true essence.

Sai Maa Diksha is the physical transference of Divine Light directly into the brain.

It is a hands-on technique whereby the giver places their hands on the receiver’s head and allows this Divine Light to flow directly into the brain, initiating the process of enlightenment by illuminating the mid-brain where our densest patterns and memories are stored.

Many have experienced powerful and lasting effects from Diksha such as miraculous changes in their lives, experiences of awakening, raising of their state of consciousness, and an increase and deepening of love within them.

This is a donation Based class: We are asking for $5 at the door to support the continuation of this monthly class.
Facilitator: Aisling Clardy
When: Friday February 22. 2019 7-8pm