Here at Spiritual Flow Yoga we are getting ready for fall season. A time to let go just as the trees let go too. Nature shows and leads the way for us. Letting go of pain and suffering can be a hard task and profound undertaking. Dealing with difficult events or experiences is one of the inevitable challenges of human life. During such times, it’s easy to get caught up in the tumult of the external happenings, and lose our center and inner calm. Unfortunately, deep-diving into negative emotions carries its own significant physical, mental and emotional toll. In the overall picture, sometimes good things can come from what at first appears to be anything but.
Why is it so difficult to let go and flow with what is? Why do we carry burdens, pains, anger and suffering for so long with us?
One thing is that we may feel comfortable and safe to carry our burdens. Safe to have a backpack on, which keeps us in a comfortable place. Its what we are used to do. We might be afraid to let go?
Our question;
~Then what?
~How do I change and let go?
As part of your health building lifestyle, our Yoga practice here has what you need to connect you to the joy of this upcoming season. Whether you are working hard, or have stress in your life, or you face challenges, or like to lose weight, or you are raking leaves and you need some more movement and stretching, we have you covered.

With practice you can learn to be more aware of your deep-rooted intentions to develop a meaningful way to communicate with your inner needs. And by accepting yourselves just as you are, without the baggage of negativity, we learn to fully engage in the joy of life as it unfolds in each moment. Yoga, as a practice, assists you to be fully present in each moment.
In our Yoga classes we help you to let go, shine your light into the darkness of your own heart and others.

I am so grateful to have you in my community, thank you for bringing joy and light to my world!