Earth Day, Meditation, Walk and Trail Clean Up

SATURDAY April 23. 11:30am- 2pm

Get your Spring on and come to enjoy an Earth Day Celebration, Meditation, Walk and Trail Cleanup, at Forest Hill Park.

About this event

Come on over to Forest Hill Park for our Yearly event, celebrating our Mother Earth with a guided meditation, a walk through the park to pick up any trash you may find along the way.

We will sit in a circle to meditate and bring compassion, healing, loving energy to ourselves, our loved ones, people we don’t know and all living beings on this Earth. From there we will gather our bags and hike consciously and slowly through the park.

This may seem not so appealing to you, but it brings awareness to our surroundings and helps us to always keep our little green Planet clean. You will meet and make new friends and build a whole new community with similar ideas. We will reflect on new ideas at the end with a discussion as we sit and close our circle.


  1. We will meet at 11:30 in the parking lot by Forest Hill Park.
  2. Bring a blanket or mat to sit on during meditation.
  3. Also bring gloves and a small trashbag.
  4. Kombucha drinks will be provided by Blue Ridge Bucha
  5. If you need a snack, bring that with you.
  6. Sign up soon please so we can plan for you
  7. We have some special prizes for the 1, 10, & 15th person to sign up

Children and dogs (on a leash) are welcome!

This is a free event.

A word from Sonja.

Sonja always has been very concerned about the health of the planet, the inhabitants and how to minimize her carbon footprint.
Read her story here:

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Blue Ridge Bucha

big flavor. small footprint.

Blue Ridge Bucha is committed to being a leader in what it means to be a “sustainable” business. We are dedicated to taking green measures whenever and however possible to reduce our impact on the world. Our goal is to bring you the best-tasting and most earth-friendly kombucha around.

Our original line of “prefilled” kombucha is sold in 12-ounce glass bottles with reusable caps, allowing customers to refill them wherever our beverages are sold on tap or to recycle them as easily as they would other glass vessels. Combined with growler fills and refills from our kombucha kegs, our reusable bottles have helped save over 1 million bottles from landfills.

The brewery’s commitment to green is also evidenced through our use of reusable aluminum kegs (100s in use at any given time); our concerted efforts to compost all organic waste; and our use of only compostable cups and tasting cups (both at the brewery and when on the road at markets and festivals). As we add aluminum cans to our production lines and grow in other ways, we will continue to make choices that are in keeping with our founding principle: “big flavor. small footprint.”

Please go to their website to read more about their sustainability, how to refill, reuse and recycle!



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