Last week in class we talked about gratitude and how it affects our whole being.

A few months ago I woke up one morning and had no energy…I was just pooped. Then a few days later I got shingles, so needless to say I was grumpy. Was I grateful at this moment? No, of course not.

In my meditations I found stillness and gratitude and allowed myself to feel the pain and agony and move forward just the way I was. I mindfully started a small practice and with each breath I went deeper into acceptance in every moment…this made it a lot easier to bear the pain.

You might ask what can I be grateful for if life does not go the way you want!? Gratefulness on a daily basis helps us to embrace our failures, our dramas or even illnesses but most of all, our dreams.

Every event, circumstance or anything that happens in our life is teaching us something and sometimes we need to take a step back and embrace what is here at this very moment. Letting yourself live in the moment is a relief and it is so important to find a way to take some time every day and apply a prayer of Gratitude to our life and circumstances.

At spiritual Flow Yoga we teach you how to ground your energy and connect to the deep guidance within your soul. We help you to feel empowered and that will give you the feeling of being strong and clear and guide you to shift your energies to cut through fears and stagnation.

Take this practice with you as you step of the mat.