How can we be grateful when life doesn’t go the way we want it to go? How can we be grateful when we get sick or lose someone, when we have to say goodbye? How can we heal our heart after disappointments, heartache and pain?

I remember when I grew up my parents often said, just be grateful that you have what you have. Which I translate now as being grateful for simple things!

Now is a great time to reflect and fill our hearts with gratitude for the people, things and experiences in our lives. Begin to shift your focus away from pain, loss, or disappointments. Maybe take out your journal and write down every day what you are grateful for. Start each sentence “I am grateful for …a cup of warm coffee or tea in the morning, healthy children, a loving husband, a warm bed at night, a yoga class, a guide or teacher…there are many more things we can be grateful for every day.

Notice a shift in the quality of your thoughts and the sensations in your body once you start this practice. Tap into your inner light and allow it to dispel any darkness. Let this gift replenish and circulate throughout your day and life.

Take out a journal and write down what you are grateful for……..

“I am grateful today for a long walk, blue sky, the fresh crispy air and my loving husband!”





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