Happy New Year

I hope you had wonderful Holidays together with your families and friends!

I can’t believe 2019 is around the corner! To be honest, I’m really excited about it.

My new journal is ready for me and I can’t wait to fill it again with thoughts, dreams and lessons I learn every day. It helps me to process and understand life more. I often get ideas and inspirations for my yoga classes while I write and vise-versa in that my yoga practice inspires me to write down what I feel on the mat, and how that carries with me off the mat…one of the great benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Right now I am thinking about my intentions for the next year, and how I can be more consistent and regular with all I want to accomplish.

Moving over to the New Year is actually just another day, but we can’t help thinking about what we could change or add in the New Year. Not that anything was wrong, it’s just that we are all striving to grow spiritually and find that we discover that we may have other needs to fulfill on our path. Yoga is one of the steps, which helps us all to get closer to our own truth, to our own heart and desires. Yoga helps us, in difficult times to take one step after another with more ease. And no matter what, we all have always ups and downs on our journey and with our practice we are able to take our hurdles with more ease.

May your intentions include making time to come to yoga and practice with us. Practice with intention to be inspired and draw abundant energy from the mat. The more we practice, the more we are able to understand and connect to those uplifting energies, assist in healing past wounds and step into the most powerful version of ourselves.

We wish you love, peace, harmony, joy and contentment for the New Year.

Sonja and Staff