Love, Health, and Authenticity

Do you consider yourself a leader? Are you perhaps a mother, a father, a teacher, a wife, a husband, a partner, a friend, a caregiver, a doctor, an office worker, or a business owner?

These might seem to be just daily titles we are given, but we are all authentic leaders as we go through life. Our life’s work becomes meaningful when we are sincere, and act thoughtfully in our personal lives and professional organizations. We all can be mindful and cultivate clarity, modeling compassion and love to our family, coworkers, and bosses. We simply need to show up genuinely in every moment and effectively make changes to help ourselves and the people around us grow.

Who we are and how we act in each moment affects ourselves and others either positively or negatively. Positive circumstances are desirable, not only because they bring us happiness, but more importantly because they place us in a favorable position to engage in a spiritual practice which can strengthen us, so that we are better able to help others.

Over the past twelve years as a yoga and meditation teacher, I have guided many hundreds of classes and met many amazing, loving students. Every one of them was and is a blessing to me. I feel they are my teachers as I grow with them. With many I connected deeply and made longtime friends. My guidance and teachings may have helped them to find their path and move forward on a journey of compassion, authenticity, and love. May they see their own inner light and their own power to shine the light out into this world.

However, there came a time when teaching yoga alone was no longer enough. I wanted to offer more help as I saw people around me in pain, agony, and declining health. I made the decision to go back to school and become a certified holistic health coach.

In the last two years I’ve taken my teachings a step further and combined yoga practice with nutrition to help students to recognize that they have a choice. They can eat healthier, let go of processed food, and bring awareness to what and when they eat. I educate them about what’s happening in the food industry, and about the hidden chemicals in processed food as well as household products. I teach them about diet fads and why they could not lose weight in the past, even though they hardly ate anything. In these classes, we also learn about the myth of not having enough protein when not eating animals. I help my students to understand their food addiction and cravings. The lives and health of others matters to me!

We all know that we have the power to make different choices—to eat healthily, without harming our environment or other living animals. In order to assist others to be their best, I’ve offered a successful Detox and Nourish class which has resulted in many ‘wins’ for those who participated. I continue to refine and expand this course, and will be offering the newest version starting again on March 6th. If you are interested in learning practical and easy methods for health enhancement, consider signing up for this wonderful six-week series where together we will share vital information on how you can take control of your health.


“I really enjoyed Sonja’s detox class and got great results. I wanted to lose weight and get help with stomach issues. Three days after beginning the program, my stomach issues were gone. I also lost about 10 pounds. I have never slept better! Sonja is great about walking you through the steps to adopt a healthy eating and lifestyle program. There are no gimmicks, powders or supplements… just good information and habit building! I loved Sonja’s support and the accountability of the group! I feel confident that I can continue to use what Sonja taught me, to continue with this lifestyle. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in getting healthier!”

Stacy R.

 “Sonja’s detox class has been in absolute lifesaver for me. I asked God for help and he placed Sonja in my life.  Learning how to take care of my body and mind has been rewarding. I weigh 24 pounds less. I have more energy. I am conscious of what goes in my body. I feel better. Mostly I am just happier. Grateful and Thankful for Sonja.”

Mauritta B.