Love Yourself & Choose You

Can you give some thoughts to the relationships in your life? Is there one that stands out? Who left a deep imprint in your heart?

When we are little its for sure our parents, then later on it maybe a friend, a teacher or a spiritual guide.

Those imprints in your heart do not go away even when we don’t think about the people who left them there. But there is one relationship that never ends. It is your relationship with yourself. It’s arguably the most important relationship to stay aware of, and put love into it. You make a choice to stay committed to yourself, by getting out of bed each morning. But often, during the day we are neglectful of this relationship to ourselves and can simply be on autopilot. It’s arguably the most important relationship to stay aware of, and put love into it.

You have the option to ignore or create a loving relationship with yourself.

You have the ability to put love, attention, nurture, and care, into how you treat and show up for yourself. Emphasis on this relationship with yourself, and cultivating healthy self-love, has the ability to change your life for the better.

Treat yourself every day to something which makes you smile:

Maybe get some flowers, or cook a special meal, go for a walk, take a yoga class, light a candle and listen to some beautiful music, pick up a book, or meditate!

You are a spiritual creation, existing in a physical world. Recognize the impermanence of this situation and get in tune with your inner vibration. Your relationship with yourself is your most crucial relationship and the key to loving your life.

Be brave. Stand up for yourself.

Be open. Maintain honesty with yourself.

Be clear. Set boundaries for yourself.

Be yourself unapologetically and it will be a blessing to all beings on your path.