Mandala facilitation

Mandala is the art of sacred symbols used for awakening and healing. As a Mandala facilitator, Sonja strives to help others explore a deeper awareness towards a higher consciousness, to heal our hearts in order to find peace and faith, to accept the unacceptable in every situation in our lives and to manifest the light from the dark so we can recognize the beauty and the power within. Mandala facilitators have trained extensively with Dr. Judith Cornell ( ) and are committed to compassionate service. They are certified to lead groups and give individual consultations. Although facilitators come from various spiritual paths, they are inclusive and honor all faith traditions. Facilitators hold the sacred space for you to transform your life. You will discover how to: connect with your True Self beyond the ego construct luminous mandalas that express your Divinity experience the flow of pure love to heal heart and soul improve your life, using intentionality appreciate and deepen your connection to Nature’s healing energies recognize the gift in every moment.

"My hope is that through this work with mandalas you will experience boundless blessings, grace, unconditional love and deep healing on all levels of your being. May you awaken to and live a deeper understanding of truth - that each of us is in essence divine light , and part of the great circle of Spirit - and come to celebrate the true divinity of life."–from The Mandala Healing Kit, Rajita Sivananda a.k.a.

Judith Cornell PHD