Spiritual Flow Yoga Studio

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I had been out of my yoga practice for several years, just not able to find a place I was comfortable with. What a lucky day when I first tried out Spiritual Flow Yoga! The staff and members are warm and welcoming, yoga at all levels is well supported. After just a few months I’m already practicing at my highest level yet.  The instructors are well trained and lead each session with enthusiasm and warmth. I particularly like the focus on correct pose positions and how to ensure you are getting the most out of your mat time. In addition to Yoga practice, Sonja offers many different services – meditation, nutrition, special guest (we just had an acupuncture session). It is well worth everyone’s time to visit Spiritual Flow you won’t be disappointed.


Spiritual Flow  is a friendly welcoming Yoga Studio. It is a beautiful light and bright space, which is often decorated with lovely fresh flowers. It’s both relaxing and rejuvenating to spend time taking classes at Spiritual Flow Yoga.
I thoroughly enjoy the classes, which are varied and interesting, focusing on asanas, the breath and meditation. Two teachers I’ve taken classes with regularly are Mindy and Jessica.


Spiritual flow yoga studio is a wonderful place to get away from it all and clear your head. 
They offer many styles of yoga from beginner to advanced, from easy to challenging. 
All the teachers there are kind and careful and take time to gently help with the poses.
The feeling after a class is very relaxing, a wonderful feeling, where the stress of the daily grind, gently goes away. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to relax, unwind and do something good for your body 😊

Debbie Stoddard

Sonja is enthusiastic and energetic however at the same time caring and considerate. The atmosphere she provides at Spiritual Flow Yoga Studio is unlike any other, her yoga lessons are serious business and her approach is very goal-oriented however, this doesn’t stop her from having fun — always smiling, cracking jokes, and up for good conversation.

I’m a frequent gym-goer (which is actually where I met Sonja), and her lessons are of great intensity and satisfy my routine. Whether I’m looking to de-stress and relax, or looking for a challenge, Sonja knows how to teach an effective workout that achieves great results.

Lyon van den Oord

I began taking Restorative Yoga with Christina last February.  Initially, I began taking the class to address a lower back issue, but what I hadn't expected was that, not only would Restorative Yoga help me restore my lower back, but, more importantly, it would help me begin to restore my mind as well.  Specifically, it's been a great help to me to "quiet" my mind in everyday situations. 


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