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REIKI As Paracelsus, a 13th century innovative medical thinker said, “the source of health is inner harmony”. REIKI, translated from Japanese to mean Universal Life Energy, is a modality that uses this universal life energy to re-establish inner harmony. We are all born with “ki” also known as “chi” in Chinese, or “prana” in Hindi,…

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“Each one of us is born with the seeds of Divine light, love, wisdom and peace no matter what our life experience.” Sai Maa Diksha cleanses the fear-based patterns that keep us from revealing and experiencing our Light thus enabling us to live as our true essence. Sai Maa Diksha is the physical transference of…

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Children’s Yoga Class

Children’s Yoga Class Samantha’s classes are fun & energetic, with creative movement, songs, fun props, & magic yoga-mat rides! While learning yoga postures, deep breathing & relaxation techniques, together we’ll develop coordination, flexibility, strength & balance, while cultivating creativity, cooperation, kindness, an attitude of gratitude, clear minds & joyful hearts. Children between 4-8 are welcome…

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