Class pricing

 Zoom for November

Meeting ID:   820 8726 4093

Passcode:   yogaclass

COVID-19 1I can pay$1.00
COVID-19 1I can pay$20.00
COVID-19 1I can pay$10.00
COVID-19 1I can pay$5.00
Single drop-in1A one time visit to one of our classes.$18.00
New student package3If this is your first time coming to Spiritual Flow Yoga Studio, this is an excellent way to get started.$35.00
Basic class package4Save some money and sign up for four classes at a time.$64.00
Extended class package8If you visit frequently, this package will work well for you.$116.00
One month unlimited class package∞/monthTake however many classes you would like for a month.$120.00
One year membership∞/yearTake however many classes you would like throughout the whole year.$110.00/month
Children's class1Children's yoga.$10.00
Bring your child1For children ages 10-18 with parental supervision.$5.00
Rewards Offer4New Students only$44.00
Class Package 6In-between96.00
College Student with ID1Drop in12.00
College Student with ID4 Special44.00
Special Teacher Price8Teachers96.00

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