Corporate yoga program



“Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit term for “union”.
The “union” of Yoga is commonly understood to refer to the union of the mind,
body, and spirit, signifying that Yoga’s physical aspect is only one part of this union.

Studies have shown that stress-related illnesses and injuries are the number
one cause for employee absenteeism and cost companies $14,000 annually.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga is a comprehensive system for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

• Makes you happier

• Reduced stress responses in the body

• Improved mental focus

• Boosts your immune system

• Improves overall health: lowers blood pressure,
lowers blood sugar and anxiety

• Establishing an overall feeling of well-being

• Increased self-esteem

• Increased flexibility, which will help with
  daily activities like lifting and bending

• Improves overall fitness and body awareness,
  leading to healthier lifestyle choices


What we offer

It is Spiritual Flow Yoga’s intention to encourage flexibility, strength, and alignment in our students’ bodies, by guiding them through a specific sequence of yoga poses. Every class is adjusted to meet our students’ needs, ensuring the practice is safe for all participants.
We are trained to help participants with back, knee, shoulder, and neck pain, injuries, and tightness modify the poses so everybody can participate. In order to keep our students’ yoga practice inspirational, we offer a new theme for each practice.


It is Spiritual Flow Yoga’s passion to support our students on their journey towards happiness, peace, acceptance, compassion, and a deeper awareness of the connection of body, mind and spirit.


Beginners yoga

Improve balance, build strength, and increase flexibility, while using your breath to ground you in the present moment.


Restorative yoga

Recharge and rejuvenate yourself. Utilizing breath work, gentle movements, deep stretching, and restorative postures we will help you let go of stress and tension, while restoring inner calmness, peace and balance.


Gentle yoga

Slow down and become present in the moment. During this class you will bring spaciousness back into your body, through slow paced stretching and lengthening poses.



Meditation helps to reduce and manage stress, better focus and concentration. It builds confidence and motivates to make better decisions.


Pricing options

Spiritual Flow Yoga offers multiple
options for corporate yoga packages:


Our rate is $100/class on-site, once per week.
Reduced rates for booking more than once per week.


Cost sharing - The company pays the majority of the costs for SFYS services, and employees pay a nominal fee to attend classes.


Full payment - The company pays the entire costs of services, offering classes to employees for free.


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