Yesterday, when I stepped out of the house, my first sunflower greeted me. I stood there in amazement as true joy ran through me. I felt surprisingly at peace with the whole world as I admired this tall, colorful, bright, shining sunflower. My mind stopped as my whole focus was right there in this very moment of beauty and glamour. I felt centered, joyful and content.

What did I learn from this experience? To always be grateful for the small miracles in my life and be positive — and to open my heart to love and beauty.

What brings you joy and happiness in your life? What allows you to be in the present moment with contentment and joy?

As you practice more yoga, you learn to be an observer of your thoughts, as if they were clouds passing in the sky. You also might like to work with the image of the sky and the clouds. Once you begin to identify with the sky of awareness, rather than with the clouds of thought, a great sense of spaciousness arises. You can let the thoughts be there without being caught. Becoming a watcher of your thoughts instead of a thinker is simply a matter of shifting your perspective.

Come to a regular yoga practice at our studio to bring awareness to all that you are. Your practice can be revelatory. You stand taller. Your muscles become stronger and suppler. Your body is nourished by deep, healing breaths. Maybe you feel that your senses sharpen, or your mind stretches more to connect with your true self. You may more often experience the small miracles that you encounter in your every day life, and stay focused and calm as you effectively juggle your every day’s demands.
~Sonja 🌻



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