Meet the instructors


Sonja Stoeckli

Born in Switzerland, Sonja was introduced to yoga nearly 42 years ago on a visit to England. Inspired, she found a deeper awareness for life and started her own yoga practice several years later. A student of many inspirational teachers who instilled in her the love of different aspects of yoga, she experienced a deeper compassion a belief in herself for the first time in her life. She found a doorway to her soul that opened the love and strength in her body to become an inspirational teacher herself.

In her vinyasa flow classes Sonja’s intention is to both challenge and guide her students, encouraging flexibility, strength and alignment in their bodies and in all aspects of their yoga practice. Her goal is to support her students on their own journeys towards peace, acceptance, compassion, contentment and a deeper awareness, connecting body, mind and spirit.

Sonja also provides Health Coach Sessions to help students and clients to find a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She helps you to make improvements on your journey towards joy, freedom and well being in all aspects of your lives.


Nancy Willson

Yoga meets me where my heart, body and soul are – even when I can’t describe what that is. That’s what I love about yoga. It always renews, refreshes and brings me closer to my better self.

Somewhere around mid-adulthood I stumbled into yoga at a local gym after injuring myself. I was looking for some form of exercise that would challenge me and that I could do without hurting myself.

For me, exercise was always partly about maintaining a healthy body, having fun and releasing stress. Right away, I experienced that yoga was different than other types of exercise. Practicing yoga, I felt healthier and became stronger - and there was more.

Over many years of practice, I became aware that I could count on yoga to make me feel more alive, to help me through all kinds of life struggles, and to nourish inner calm. Yoga had become a tool set that is an integral part of navigating life. Looking around, I saw that it wasn’t just me. Many people at all stages of life and of all levels of physical ability were discovering yoga as a beneficial life practice.

The desire to understand yoga and to teach others became part of my life plan because when something is this good, it is natural to share it. This led to my first 200-hour training, followed by a YogaWorks 300-hour training and 200 hour training. For anyone willing to practice, a guide appears. As a teacher, my aim is to serve as a guide as you discover the benefits of yoga for yourself.


Christina Roeschel

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Laura Strukle

Laura Strukl is excited to be a part of the Spiritual Flow Yoga Studio family. She started taking yoga classes in High School to compliment her extensive dance background. As she continued studying both dance and yoga into her college years, she sought to deepen her physical and spiritual understanding of yoga through the YogaWorks teacher training program. Currently a graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University, Laura enjoys teaching beginner and gentle yoga classes. Practicing from a perspective of strengthening, stretching, and safe alignment, Laura hopes her students are able to release the tension that builds up in our bodies,and as a result, our minds as well.


Mindy Peters

Mindy Peters is a RYT 200-hour certified instructor trained through the YogaWorks program. She began her yoga journey 16 years ago when she enrolled in a prenatal yoga class to prepare for the birth of her first child. “Though I took childbirth classes and read many books, it was the breathing and relaxation techniques I learned through yoga that helped me most in what turned out to be a difficult labor.”
Mindy continues to find inner strength in her yoga practice. She began teaching at Spiritual Flow in 2016. She delights in the progress of her students and believes strongly in the power of yoga to build healthier minds and bodies. “I’ve met many people who have transformed their lives through yoga. It offers us many tools through physical practice, breathing techniques and meditation to gain inner confidence and find healthier ways to manage stress.” Mindy welcomes beginners and seasoned practitioners alike to join her in her weekly Gentle Flow class, Wednesdays at 9:15am.


Samantha Burns

Samantha completed her kids yoga certification through Nitya Living in the spring of 2017. Her prior career background is elementary school education. Her husband is in the military, so maintaining a full-time career and keeping up with her 2 and 6 year olds has always been a challenge. Her love for children, storytelling, music, and yoga led her to this “job” sharing her passions with young people.


Allison Thomas

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