Summer Solstice  Class

Summer Solstice Class June 22.  6:30-8:30 pm– The Summer Solstice celebrates the joy, warmth and laughter of summer; and God’s power. The beginning of summer represents a time for purification, renewal and healing of the self & soul, a time to release the sadness, fears and pains from your life. A time for purification and renewed energy.
The ritual is performed to fulfill the external physical & emotional manifestations of your internal desires; such as love, joy & wealth.

We will start with a meditation and a gratitude journaling. Then embracing our inner light with 27 Sun Salutations~ (108 divided by the 4 seasons =27) Followed by a few grounding restorative postures that will allow you to connect to the joy, warmth, renewal and the light of the summer. Then we will create a Flower Mandala together and the evening will close with a meditation, setting everything aside, which may inhibit you from being who you wish to be. All levels are welcome.

~Bring a journal and some flowers for the Mandala

Price:  $21.00



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