January 9. – February 13. 2019
During this 6 weeks series Workshop Class, Sonja (Yoga teacher and Holistic Health Coach) will guide you through gentle practices to help harness the healing power of yoga.
Then every week we will learn how to detox, fast, and nourish our bodies. If you simply want to loose some weight, or learn how to make the right food choices, to feel better, or to know how to detox your body, this series class is for you. We will have discussions, encouragement, journaling, meditations and yoga.  Cooking demonstrations, test samples and delicious recipes to take home, are included in this workshop class. It is advised that you are  present for all 6 weeks. Space is limited so sign up early.
Special pricing EARLY BIRD until December 15.:   $220
December 16.-January 9.: $245 (all materials are included)
Feedback from the Spring class

The class was very enjoyable. I liked that we talked about how food affects our bodies and by eliminating certain foods I was able to improve my digestion. We also discussed recipes, which was very helpful and gave me new options. Listening to other peoples experiences was enlightening too. I enjoyed the cooking demonstrations, as most of the recipes are new to me. The fermentation demonstration was really instructive and answered many questions. In all, this was a very helpful class and it brought together so many aspects of our diet and lifestyle.  ~Denise

Such a wonderful start to my journey of health. Loads of information and I loved having new recipes each week. Testing a different drink or snack each week was a highlight. Yoga with Sonja has g=had a big impact on my well being.     ~Judy

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