Vision Board Creation Workshop

Do you want to align your actions with your purpose.
You have yet another choice, and it will also require that you go within yourself, to your artist within, and create what you desire, then radiate that inspiring energy, taking action that is in harmony with your dreams and deepest intentions. One very effective way of doing this is through Vision Boards. Creating a Vision Board has the power to bring you into a present-moment through a meditative and reflective experience. For many, this is one of the easiest ways to bring into this world the deepest desires of our heart and spirit, because you are allowing the “doing” of creating to guide you into the meditative state to find inspiration, rather than sitting still and trying to stop the mind.
Sonja will guide you through a Meditation to awake you to your purpose, so that you can create and move forward on your path, your desire and your dreams.
The boards, magazines, glues are provided. Please bring your own scissors, dreams and anything else you want to put on the board.
Vision Board, clues, magazines are  provided.
Bring your own scissors and anything you want to share with others or for you to put on the board.
Price: $38