About 12 years ago I started journaling together with Julia Cameron’s book “The Artists Way”. Every day I wrote for 10-20 minutes. I do not consider myself as a writer and criticized myself a lot. In her book she encouraged me to keep going and just write. It slowly helped me to figure out my life and the path I should take. It opened my heart and eyes to see the truth. The spiritual value of routine is nowhere more evident than in your own heart.
Changes and tragedies happened and I lost my daily routine for a little while. About 5 years ago I started again with Valley Haggard here in Richmond. Then about a year ago I lost my daily practice again.
Often people talk about serendipity as I just found another book from Cameron on my shelf which I have not paid any attention to at all!
“It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again”.
Why do I write all this to you?
I would like to inspire you to create a new routine and write every morning 2-3 pages in your journal. As we write each morning about whatever is current for us, feelings of loss, confusion, excitement, wonder, regrets… we may find feelings of peace and guidance as we write. Those pages give us a path throughout our day, a place to set your own goals. Journaling provides us with healing as we communicate our heart and spirit through our pen. Often I find myself guided when I write and are amazed what is revealed on those pages.

We meet once a month at the studio with our journals and a class of wine!